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Providing environmental chemistry solutions and equipment to treat water and wastewater economically for over 40 years

About us

Aqua Ben Corporation has provided water-soluble polymers and other specialty chemicals for the water/wastewater treatment industry since 1976.  We continue to serve as a leader in chemical liquid solid separation in a variety of industries including but not limited to municipal water and wastewater treatment, grease and septic processing, mining, food processing, and industrial wastewater treatment.

Our Hydrosorb Inc. division was launched in 1999 to address new and diverse challenges in industries beyond our current Aqua Ben customer base.  Hydrosorb inc., now brings that same high quality chemistry, professionalism and service to the land management and environmental remediation industries.

Together, Aqua Ben and Hydrosorb bring the knowledge of over 4 decades to address your water-related and land management challenges.   Whether you are needing a dewatering, clarifying or thickening solution, solidification, dust and/or erosion control, industrial or environmental remediation or water conservation and soil conditioning, we have the experience to provide a superior chemical solutions to meet or exceed your treatment needs.

Our Mission Statement

Our commitment to you—our valued customer—is to provide the most chemically correct solution to your treatment requirements at the most economical price backed by the utmost in technical expertise.

John Wm. Ben
Founder and President