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Agriculture Industry-Leading Polyacrylamide Supplier for Agriculture

Aqua Ben Corporation has positioned itself as the industry-leading polyacrylamide supplier for the agricultural industry. Fresh water supply is the greatest challenge facing agriculture today. Efficient water management is crucial to successful agriculture as the demand to conserve water supplies increases. The use of PAM in agriculture is compatible with all irrigation methods and dry application methods.

Our Soilfloc® PAM products can improve irrigation efficiency and optimize soil conditions by creating more uniform percolation—making water more usable. Our Hydrosorb 2001 Superabsorbent polymers swell and store water and nutrients near the root zone—releasing them when soils dry out. These measures reduce the likelihood of crop stress and may increase yields.

PAM Supplier for Irrigation Systems

Our superior quality PAM polymers have been used successfully in horticulture and agriculture. Soilfloc® PAM polymers are USDA/NRCS program-approved for ground and water applications. For more information and extensive research studies on the use of PAM in Agriculture conducted by USDA scientists, visit:

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