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  • Hydrofloc ACH & ACH Blends
  • Hydrofloc PAC & PAC Blends
  • Hydrofloc DADMAC
  • Hydrofloc Polyamine

Flocculants (polyacrylamide)

  • Hydrofloc Anionic: Dry, Emulsion and Liquid
  • Hydrofloc Cationic: Dry, Emulsion and Liquid
  • Hydrofloc Non-Ionic: Dry and Emulsion


  • Soilfloc DryTack
  • Soilfloc LiquaTack

Erosion Control, Irrigation Enhancement (Agriculture, Construction, Storm Water)

  • Soilfloc 100D
  • Soilfloc 300E
  • Soilfloc 200L
  • Soilfloc GC
  • Soilfloc 50ECT Tablets
  • Soilfloc 30EVT Tablets

Dust Control

  • Soilfloc 30EVT Tablets
  • Soilfloc DC70

Pond and Canal Sealing

  • Soilfloc Sealant

Superabsorbent Polymer for Agriculture, Horticulture, and Hydroseeding

  • Hydrosorb 2001C
  • Hydrosorb 2001F
  • Hydrosorb 2001UF
  • Hydrosorb 2001D

Aqua Ben offers a line of feed equipment to help apply our polymers. Aqua Ben can also source additional chemicals to meet your treatment needs. Ask your sales rep for additional information.